Army regulation for updating personnel records

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Please follow the instructions and provide as much information as possible.

The Army could not readily identify the population of Army military payroll accounts given its existing procedures and systems.

It is highly recommended that you take the IPPS-A self-service training hosted on the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) and posted on the IPPS-A Portal.

If your SRB data is incorrect, please contact your HR Professional.

The Soldier Record Brief (SRB) is a multi-Component report that is available to users as part of IPPS-A’s first release.

The SRB offers Soldiers, HR Professionals, and Leaders centralized online access to personnel information and provides a snapshot of a Soldier’s military career information.

GAO is making four recommendations to help the Army develop the processes and controls necessary to achieve financial statement audit readiness, including identifying and validating the population of military payroll transactions and obtaining and retaining necessary pay-affecting documents.

The Army concurred with GAO’s four recommendations and noted actions it is taking.

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At the end of September 2011, 6 months after receiving GAO’s 250 statistical sample items, the Army and DFAS-IN were able to provide complete documentation for 2 of GAO’s sample items and provided partial documentation for 3 items, but provided no documentation for 245 of GAO’s 250 sample items.It took DMDC over 2 months and labor-intensive research to compare and reconcile the total number of fiscal year 2010 active duty payroll accounts to its database of personnel files.DOD’s Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Guidance states that identifying the population of transactions is a key task essential to achieving audit readiness.Copies of documents contained in the official military personnel or health records, or information extracted from these files, will be provided to government agencies (Federal, state, and local) in accordance with the routine use policies published in the Federal Register by the U. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.Upon request, entire folders are returned to authorized users in the service departments that created them and to certain Federal agencies designated as routine users. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and certain Federal agencies (designated as routine users) may request the receipt of entire record folders for official purposes through e Mil Recs, an on-line request system. All authorized Service Department and Federal Agency users seeking to access e Mil Recs for record inquiry/ordering purposes related to their official duties must submit an e Mil Recs OMPF User Account Request Form.

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