Are rachel and finn dating in real life

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Johnson again opened fire, causing the police to hurl in explosives which blew the cabin apart.

You didn’t, unless you count taking me back in the first place…I like the idea of giving you what you want when I’m not in control. And I know that you don’t love me in the way that you deserve to be loved by that person who will be there for you when you get me out of your life once and for all.Because then you want to give is to get back together with you. I’m not saying that you don’t love and care about me, but letting yourself down to be with me, and secretly trying to have the last word, is keeping you with me long past my sell-by-date.You assume that in giving me the power to provide what you want, yet again, that I will come through. If I have to lie, beg, borrow and steal in order to get back into your heart and likely your pants, then so be it. I keep coming back to push you to stop taking me back.We get back together because I want the power and control back. If I have to mess with your head by disappearing, standing you up, cussing you, making critical comments, letting you see me with someone else, sleeping with my ex or someone you know, blowing hot and cold, and the list goes on, I will do it. So, I go back to putting a question mark over your head, because amazing people like you [who I don’t truly respect and value] shouldn’t be fannying around with people like me. If you’re serious about being in a serious relationship, stop believing me. If you want a mutually fulfilling relationship with love, care, trust and respect, stop lying to yourself. I know I have all of my stuff going on, but seriously, stop. I keep coming back to force you to love yourself more than you love me.

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