Are jasmine v and young jinsu dating

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You were quick with the when your boy got a bruise.

You were quick with the Band Aids when I got a cut; I love to see your pretty face when I’m rippin’ it up!

While in his mother’s womb, the destined superstar’s father would often place headphones to his wife’s belly, blasting the sounds and rhythms of Notorious B. At the age of 5, Jinsu’s godfather began dubbing him Jinsu, because of his immaculate appearance from head to toe, and his sharp-edged rhyme delivery.

He’s toured with the And1 Killa Crossover Tour, did his own solo school tour at the end of the ’08 school year in NYC, and has appeared on BET’s 106 & Park’s Wild Out Wednesdays, and BET’s Rap City.YOUNG: Rambunctious and full of vibrancy with an infectious energy that’s impossible to ignore SHARP: Razor sharp lyrics and swag that leaves onlookers slashed with amazement READY: Eager to usher in a new genre of youth reigned hip-hop Having already been declared as the New Teen King of Hip Hop by Bow Wow himself, the charismatic and uber-talented Young Jinsu is eager to convey a new wave of youth- swayed hip hop.Born Jah-Youth (God’s child) Lopez in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on September 24, 1992, Jinsu was exposed to hip hop from conception. and Redman to his unborn, causing baby Jinsu to go ballistic.CEO of Four Kings and Jinsu’s manager, Doug “Biggs” Ellison immediately saw a star within and has since helped to polish this young talent’s craft and is making him the next great teen rapper that the industry has been waiting for.Having now rocked audiences across the Northeast, the young hip-hop ruler’s commanding and captivating stage presence has sparked the interest of numerous hip-hop industry elitist, including P.

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