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Christian initially signed a one-year contract, but he has since signed on for an extended stay. Christian has made several appearance's as Daniels ghost in 20.A talented doctor who liked to surf and had a passion for saving the planet, Dr.Before coming to Salem, Daniel worked as a doctor for various hospitals around the world.While working at one hospital, he met and fell in love with a cancer patient named Rebecca.But she did find out when she saw a text message from Kate on Daniel's phone. When Chelsea dumped him, Daniel picked up his flirtation with Kate.The two became close again, and even closer when Daniel diagnosed Kate with lung cancer.Daniel and Chloe couldn't stay away from each other, despite the fact that Chloe did go through with her marriage to Lucas. He snuck into her hospital room to administer a life saving drug.

Thanks to a one-night stand, Daniel was Melanie Layton's biological father.

Daniel worked hard to cure Kate's cancer, even performing a radical bone marrow transplant with Chloe as the donor.

As Kate began to heal, Daniel developed feelings for Chloe.

On the season premiere of Teen Mom 2, we saw a ton of oft-discussed storylines come to fruition on camera for the first time.

When Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 19 got underway, fans finally got to experience some of the biggest drama in franchise history.

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