Are aiden turner and lenora crichlow dating

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The former couple appeared to be in good spirits as Aidan, 32, could be seen with his hands behind his head while Lenora, 31, was leaning against a kitchen table with a wine glass and beer bottles around her.When in LA: Fans picked up on the fact that the former Being Human co-stars are currently spending some time together in Los Angeles after Poldark star Heida Reed shared an image of the pair on her Instagram page The couple separated last year and Aidan conformied the break-up in Novermber as he said: 'I like to keep my private life private for my own head.The 32-year-old appeared to be spending a boozy night with Lenora, 31, in the candlelit photo posted by his co-star Heida Reed - who plays Elizabeth Chenoweth in the BBC period drama.

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'Sometimes you see actors who are really good, but you have trouble separating that actor from the celebrity profile.' Well, that is fair enough as people are always entitled to keep their private life to themselves.Fans follow him blindly, and those fans are huge in numbers.But everyone knows that he once dated someone who he is no longer with, and the question now on everyone's mind is what is this star actor doing currently regarding his love life. Or is she single and looking for someone to be a part of his life? Turner is a good looking person, and he also is very charismatic regarding personality.Aidan, who had the country swooning after he stripped off as the dashing Ross Poldark, went on to date Sarah Greene for three years.He is thought to have been single since they went their separate ways in November 2015, however that might not be the case for long judging by these latest pictures.

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