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The centres of Stoneholes A-F are spaced at an average distance of 1.12m from each other.However, Stoneholes J and K are more widely spaced.The henge ditch is 25m in diameter and sits at the end of the 1¾-mile avenue that leads from Stonehenge to the river.Excavations in 2008 established that this outer henge was built around 2400 BC but arrowheads from the stone circle indicate that it is likely to be much earlier, dating to around 3000 BC.This is around a 1000 years after the big sarsen stone circle was erected.Contrary to press reports, Stonehenge was not a huge art gallery - these carvings are found only on four stones.

Some were "pecked" with stone mauls in horizontal lines, others with vertical lines.The discovery is all the more remarkable given how much research there has been in the vicinity of Stonehenge, and emphasises the importance of continuing research within and around the World Heritage Site."Mr Paul Garwood, prehistorian at the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity at the University of Birmingham, said “This discovery is of great importance for our understanding of the Stonehenge landscape in the 3rd millennium BC.Its location, a short distance from Stonehenge, and the fact that the two monuments were inter-visible, raises exciting new questions about the complex sacred landscape that existed around Stonehenge when the sarsen and bluestone monument was constructed.”In 2009 a major new discovery was made by the Stonehenge Riverside Project in the Stonehenge landscape.The study, just published online by English Heritage and free to download, also provides information on how much damage has been caused by souvenir hunters chipping off bits of stone, or by visitors carving graffiti - including Sir Christopher Wren, the architect of 17th century London!Download the full report here: The discovery of a previously unknown henge monument has been found close to Stonehenge.

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