Aopen updating escd

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This will open a page that shows the IP address amongst other information.So type this into the address bar of the explorer window.If it finds one the update will be downloaded and prepared.You will then be notified that a reboot is required to apply the update.Open ELEC will recognize the new software package in the update folder and update automatically.A second reboot will follow automatically to activate the new system files. If you did what is described above, you don't need to worry about this.

Once the file has been copied, reboot the Open ELEC machine.This is ideal if the Open ELEC machine is not internet connected as you can download the new software package on another machine and provide the file to your Open ELEC.First of all, head over to the downloads page and download the latest release of Open ELEC.The reason it shows "ESCD Updated Successfully" everytime on boot up is because the system has at least one ISA card in it and it is running Windows95.The ESCD record boot up sequence arranged by Windows95 is different from the ESCD record boot up sequence arranged by the BIOS.

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