Annie clark and luke bilyk dating

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This story is a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes only.

I'm not surprised that Drew gets drunk and then sleeps with Katie and no one is surprised when Eli and Clare get back together. Every time I don't have a scene and can look away from my script I'm waiting Aislinn.A/U story featuring everyone from season 12 and a few others from previous seasons will make appearances. Welcome to this brand new story which is dedicated to Keisi Cutie who requested it a very long time ago and I am very sorry it took me so long to get to it.Legal: I am not in any way affiliated with De Grassi or Epitome.After blocking and walking through a few more group scenes we're let go for the day but we have a 7am call time tomorrow morning.Most of us are hanging out; we almost always go out together after the they call wrap for the day.

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