Annie brosterhous dating

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His relations (and approach) with fellow managers has sometimes been less than courteous and construed by others as 'distrustful' of other managers.You have guys who leave for work on Monday and come back on Friday.'In my job I travel, but the problem is not so much the quantity of time you spend with your family, it is the quality.'That is where this job is more damaging.You do not always give them the quality they deserve when you are at home because you are thinking of the next game.'He said at the time: 'My wife likes watching football, she watches all the games of Arsenal at home.Born October 22, 1949 in Strasbourg, France, Arsene Wenger has been the manager of the Premiere League soccer club Arsenal since 1996 and is credited for being the club's longest-serving manager and most successful in terms of winning major titles.Raised in Duttlenheim, France, he was introduced to football (soccer) by his father, who was also the manager of a local village team.

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