Amy winehouse dating she died

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Her 2006 album , a refreshing and stylish blend of modern and classic R&B that appealed to a huge cross-section of music fans, was an instant classic, selling close to 10 million copies worldwide. Her fucked-upness was part of her appeal, and if she could accept it, perhaps we could, too?

At the time of its release, the album was the highest charting U. But in recent years, she seemed to languish in her own mess, checking in and out of treatment, getting into fights that earned her assault charges, turning up in public with sores on her face or scratches up and down her arms.

Moreover, there was just an undeniable power in her voice -- husky and sultry and sad, like a broken heart marinating in whiskey and cigarette smoke. soul singer Adele, just one of several artists for whom Winehouse undeniably paved the way."Rehab" was Winehouse to a T: wise-cracking, defiant, self-deprecating and somehow hopeful.

It was a voice that sounded like it came from another time, echoing Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin. She never made apologies for her personal demons, and the success of "Rehab" even made them her calling card.

"She was always very self-willed," Mitch told me in 2007. different."She formed a Salt-n-Pepa style rap duo called Sweet 'n Sour with her best friend when she was 10, but mostly dreamt of being a roller-skating waitress or a stage actor.She leaves a gaping hole in our lives."Her fans had spent the past few years watching her private dramas unfold while they waited for news that Winehouse was doing well enough to make another album.But even with only a few dozen recorded tracks to her name, Winehouse was already an icon: a badass little Jewish girl with a cartoonishly massive beehive and exaggerated swooshes of eyeliner who found room between all the tattoos and scars from cutting to wear her heart on her sleeve.Unlike other rock stars who died young from drugs, Winehouse produced relatively little music—her output can’t compare in size to that of Hendrix or Morrison or Joplin or Cobain.But the music she left was marked by an emotional intensity that made her a rarity among pop singers.

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