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In particular, specialized courses that appeal to only a handful of students will likely generate interest from more students, allowing the school to offer them.This would include advanced classes in mathematics and science, and other areas of study such as drama or non-traditional foreign languages such as Russian or Japanese.He has a Bachelor of Arts in economics from North Carolina State University and a Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina.Bryden and Hilltop Elementary Schools are 62-years-old.The issue of money and what makes a great school cuts both ways in the school consolidation discussion.Closer examination sorts out the thrust of the pros and cons of consolidation.To consolidate, you should owe at least ,000 in student loan debt.You won’t likely be able to consolidate a private student loan debt with federal loans.

When schools are consolidated, unused school buildings can be sold or used for other purposes, and utility and maintenance costs are reduced, especially if the consolidated school is newer and more energy efficient.

You must be up to date on your payments, and you must have a history of making your payments on time.

You also will typically need to have at least a certain amount in loans.

While saving money is a pro, the loss of the school becomes a con.

Parents want their children to attend the same small school they did.

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