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That was a bit cruel, though it’s true you won’t see many Kiwi women prancing around with poodles.

In terms of exotic good looks, it’s still not Venezuela, although especially with the changing ethnic mix, there are plenty of attractive women around.

Most play sport or are active in some way, and with the sprinkling of Polynesian genes, are often rustically good looking.

Beneath the awkward exterior, they are also usually sincere and loyal.

You might justask the time and they'll say 'Sorry I'm not interested.'Dani Dyer, 21, barmaid, daughter of Danny Dyer, East London Turn ons: Someone who is really genuine. Eyal Booker, 22, model, actor, former popstar, London Turn ons: I'm looking for love!Faced with a pretty girl, a Kiwi guy will tend to hang his head and look at her warily like a sheepdog eyeing a rogue ewe.Despite this, New Zealand men do quite well when traveling overseas.There’s a skit by a New Zealand comedian where a thirtysomething guy catching up with an old friend asks: “hey, whatever happened to that girl you threw up on at Dave’s party? The friend replies: “we’re really happy; our youngest just turned four”.This goes a long way to summing up the romantic situation in New Zealand.

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