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An outstanding Results Coach, with a Master of Philosophy from Cranfield, Chartered for over 15 years in Marketing - MCIM, Dating is now my chosen field and I LOVE IT.

Plus I'm a Natural and there isn't any work I enjoy doing more...

Dating sector research and development, both academic and practical, means I have a depth of experience on which to draw to support dating decisions, supply background and clarify options on the journey to finding a wonderful loving relationship for clients.

121 Dating Coach sessions are designed for the individual and their personal situation and orientation.


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121 Dating Coach was started so more people could get the help they needed to date successfully in what can be a confusing singles world.

I turned to online dating because I needed access to single men and that meant men outside my town. Bussel: You advocate masturbation before a first date. Newman: The main advantage is it will put a woman solidly in her body.

Dave is a Silicon Valley executive; I would have never met him without online dating. It draws out our zinginess, that yummy sexual and sensual energy.

There are a lot of things about online dating that makes a good person want to scream "Why? I knew asking why was futile, so instead I'd find my workaround and keep moving forward.

The thing that ultimately kept me motivated was the realization that in the sea of millions of single men out there, I only needed one.

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