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Operations were conducted in the IG Farben Hochhaus in Frankfurt.

At some point, probably early 1950, HQ ASAE was redesignated as the .

I spent 28 months in Frankfurt and returned to the US in September 1954.

Naturally I have a few memories that I could share.

I spent a fair amount of my leisure time in a Bavarian Gasthaus at the Bahnhof, called Maiergustls'. As I recall there were four divisions located in and around Frankfurt, they were the 2d Armored (Hell on Wheels) Division, the 43rd Infantry, and two other's - maybe the 28th and 1st Infantry (but I am not certain).

Some of the nicer post war activities ASAE performed: In my off duty time I was responsible for the company dark room (I was an amateur photographer (Oh yes, I have some nice shots inside the compound of Gutleut Kaserne, showing the deuce and a halfs in the motor pool all lined up, and some with the troops in formation) and I used to spend time in a small town that (understandably so) didn't like or accept American GI's.) but having a camera, rather than weapon, was accepted.

The ARMY HISTORY MAGAZINE issue is available online on the US Army Center of Military History website at https://mil/ , Signal Intelligence Div, HQ ETOUSA was attached to the 12th Army Group and operated under the control of G-2 Division, 12th AG.To make a long story short (which I very rarely do), after all the bombings during WWII, there were about 100 or more orphans left in the area to be cared for.There was no orphange in the area to house and care for them, so the townspeople took the children into their homes.The (ASAE) was established in Rüsselsheim, Germany, on November 27, 1945 as the European theater headquarters for the Army Security Agency. (I am assuming that ASAE took over the mission and resources of Sig Scty Det D.) Upon activation, ASAE assumed command of all signal intelligence units in Europe.Its mission was to provide signal intelligence and communications security support to U. This included any signal intelligence assets (probably "Detachment 6" or a predecessor) belonging to the former Signal Security Agency and its collection arm, the 2nd Signal Service Battalion, as well as all signal intelligence units previously subordinated to theater and Army commanders (mobile signal service units).

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