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If you have no arrangements don't worry, there are plenty of both, depending on what area of Spain you are going to. Moving to Spain Moving to Spain with children Media in Spain (News, Radio and TV) Spanish airports Regions of Spain Maps A-Z of places in Spain Registering for state schools International schools Taking pets into Spain Cope with disasters Personal You’ll need to consider your pensions, tax, life assurance, investments and healthcare arrangements in your new home.Please note that members of EU countries such as a UK national, a Dane, a Swede or Norwegian has the right to live in Spain by virtue of their countries’ membership of the European Economic Area.However, as Spain and UK have a double taxation treaty you should be given relief for double taxation.Please remember that if you are proposing to rent out your UK property this will attract a UK income tax charge.[we were once told that a cheap day return to France can be bought cheaper than a one-way ticket].A point to note is that if you bring a caravan over with you, most ferries will not sell you a one way ticket so you must use the tunnel.Contact the Social Security Office to complete the correct forms.Tax Personal circumstances vary greatly but you may cease to be liable to UK tax if you cut all ties with the UK and become domiciled abroad.

You will decide which way is best for you, depending on what you are taking with you.Pretty women for dating girls for romance brides for marriage. free dating service for marriage free online dating for singles free.Step #1 Making the decision If you want to settle in Spain either long or short term then you have to have drive, determination and patience.Flying over is a cheap alternative if all you have are a couple of cases.Cheap flights can be booked over the internet at as little as £50 each !

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