10 most common dating mistakes

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It doesn't take much to start doing more things that make you feel closer as a couple: kiss when you get home or before leaving the house, hold hands when you watch TV, give each other compliments.

Get out for a 'date' regularly – once a month, or once a week if you can.

Now that I work in a young adult ministry with a few thousand singles, I see the same dating mistakes happening over and over again. So, in no particular order, here are nine of the most common dating mistakes I’ve seen: Either you’re heading for marriage, or you’re heading for a break-up.

So if marriage isn’t your goal, or isn’t even an option, you’re basically guaranteeing the relationship will fail. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have feelings for the person you’re dating, but it becomes a problem when they blind you to the facts.

Instead of moving you closer to marriage, it tends to slow down that process.

If you’re trying to be what he or she wants you to be—instead of just being who you are—then you’ve fallen into this dating mistake.

One of the greatest joys in a good relationship is verbal communication, so do everything you can to keep it fresh.

That’s not meant to be negative or make you feel bad; it’s just a fact. It was heartache or frustration or wasted time that could have been prevented.You could also try reading each other erotic stories, trying sex toys, luxurious lube or just trying a new position.Above all, make time for sex so it's not just an afterthought.To spice things up, take turns to decide on a 'menu' of love.That way, each of you will be getting more of what you want, and it should build some creativity and inventiveness into the process.

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